Rhiannon’s Horse Earrings

Rhiannon’s Horse Earrings

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Rhiannon first appears at Gorsted Arberth.An ancestral mound near Dyfed.Various version of her story are convoluted and high drama.One aspect in all of them is her association with Horses.These Earrings are a representation of this Welsh myth.Combined with the story of Rhiannon’s birds,who have the power of life and death,a wedding gift demanded by her Father,They have been superimposed on the white mare creating a horse of brilliant colors.

Hematite Horse heads on gold colored slide earring mounts are created by Apples of Afalon to honor Rhiannon of Welsh Mythology that has stood the test of Time.

Support research may be found on www.rhiannon.ie  the Official Rhiannon website.


Bright Blessing!